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Classy boudoir photography for the Christian Woman

you shouldn't let the spice dwindle from


Too many Christian women live in a constant state of sexual repression and low self-confidence, with 25% of married couples engaging in sex only once a week.

The lingering effects of Purity Culture of Christian circles contrasted with the current push of sexual freedom and exploration, it is no wonder we feel confused about our sexuality and most of all ashamed.

But God did not design us to be repressed within it nor explorative outside the protections of the marriage bed. He also did not call us to lack in our confidence, being created in His perfect image.

And I believe part of my calling is to help women just like you step into Holy Sexuality.



Over my last eight years in photography, I've realized that there are certain  photography genres that can be interchangeable. Boudoir, however, is a beautiful beast of it's own and should be treated as such.

With it's obviously intimate nature, such a task should be entrusted to the hands of a specialist who knows how to not only protect your confidence from destruction but help it blossom through a hand-tailored experience.

You need someone that really knows what they're doing. Someone that wi
ll give you styling advice, show you exactly how to pose to accentuate your shape, and all the while help you to feel so comfortable you forget you're in lingerie.


Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

"She made it so fun and natural that I was immediately able to let my guard down."

- L

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"I'm scared I won't like the pictures"

You're not alone. This is the exact answer I get from pretty much every client in their initial inquiry! And I can confidently say I've never had a client that wasn't absolutely thrilled with her final images.

The vast majority of my clients are in fact, not models. They have no idea what they're doing, and left to their own devices things can get a little odd. That's why I coach you through body poses and facial expressions the entire time! I've also been blessed with an ability to make people feel comfortable, so that's just the cherry on top.

"What if my husband doesn't like it?"

Be real, girl. You? Looking like an absolute smoke-show? Of course he's going to like it and so are you! I can honestly say I've never had a client's husband complain about seeing his wife look and feel hot from a totally safe, private experience.

If it's a question of having to sneak around to make this happen, maybe reconsider making him a part of the process instead. It' s an exciting opportunity for you both to incorporate both your and his preferences into the session, no secrets necessary!

"I'm not sure I can afford it"

We get it! Our full sessions are custom-tailored, luxury boudoir experience and it does come with a price. However, we do offer a mini-type of experience, without sacrificing the quality of the art! Think of this experience as a commissioning a personal fine art portrait versus picking wall art from HomeGood's. Both are exciting, but one is an heirloom worth every penny and the other is mass-produced.

That said, there's absolutely no shame in budgeting for your custom art work! In fact, we believe unless you can pay for the experience in full, it's a sign of stewarding your finances well to break it down. So much so that we offer custom payment plans for up to six months leading to your experience date so you can still get what you want without sending yourself into debt.

"I want my images to be fully private"

We absolutely get it. While we only post the more modest images from our sessions publicly, we completely understand that you might want to stay completely un-posted. Our contracts include a section that legally binds us to post only what you're comfortable with, which may be nothing at all!

"What if I'm not a Christian?"

That's totally okay! You definitely don't have to be a Christian to work with me. The only per-requisite you  need to meet is that you want a boudoir experience that boosts your marriage, prioritizes modesty,  privacy, and ends in quality art that reflects your beauty.

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