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Why I Love Working with Christian Women - Christian Boudoir Photographer

Christian boudoir photographer

Fourteen and naive, I sat with my best friend waiting for our mom’s to pick us up from high school cheer practice. As we talked, I noticed an air of giddiness to her right before she broke the most devastating news to me (yes, I was dramatic); she had lost her virginity and she wanted to spill all the details to me. I remember the first thing I felt when she began to detail her experience (which looking back on it, was sadly better than the story that most women I know tell)…I was disgusted and I vividly remember telling her that I didn’t want to hear about it. Not really the supportive response you want from a best friend, but I hadn’t even had my first kiss at that point so my being shocked wasn’t that surprising.

For a long time, I justified my response in any way I could, but in that moment, I really was a bad friend. I couldn’t see past my own immaturity and showed no compassion or even true concern for this monumental experience my closest friend had just gone through. My response shouldn’t have been what it was - bottom line. I truly believe that was the beginning of the end of our friendship, and truth be told we were more like sisters. That was devastating.

I wasn’t just choosing to be abstinent until marriage, due to being a young, lukewarm Christian, either. It went way deeper than that. I was the definition of a prude and a judgmental one at that. Ironic, right? My entire career now as a boudoir photographer is built on me doing just the opposite.

I attribute a lot of my prior beliefs to Purity Culture, a flawed ideology that has bled from the pulpit of churches into the fabric of our daily Christian lives. Essentially, it goes past the teachings of abstinence and has placed a taboo on sex within Christian circles. This has caused innate feelings of confusion especially within our women, leaving them reeling over questions like:

  1. How am I supposed to enjoy this God-approved marital sex when I’ve associated sex and my body with sin and shame my whole life?

  2. After a lifetime of anti-sex propaganda, is a one-day wedding celebration truly a significant enough inauguration into my new role as a wife and sexual partner?

It is my genuine belief that Purity Culture is to blame for a lot of unhappy, under-sexed Christian marriages and that is such a shame. God didn’t design sex and marriage to be like that.

God is not to blame for the problem of Purity Culture. Neither, generally speaking, are men and women to blame for this dissonance felt within marriage towards sex. I believe that it all started with the positive desire to protect our children and fellow members of the church and teach them to pursue sexually pure, God-honoring lives. Who wouldn’t want that? The intention seemed right, but somewhere the message took a turn towards demonizing sex, or ignoring the topic altogether. This has been especially detrimental for women.

Young women and men are left to navigate the complicated waters of Christ-centered sexuality using peers and the media as an unreliable and often completely misleading compass with the worst of results. Our misguided men sleep around and become addicted to p*rn, and our women grow up to be prudes or sexually “liberated." Ultimately, our people seek their validation through the use or disuse of their bodies not through their identity in Christ.

So, why is it that I love working with Christian women to create something like boudoir art? Inherently, it seems like that would be quite a challenging feat, what with the typical cultural inhibitions ingrained in such a group.

That’s exactly the reason why I love working with Christian women to create beautiful boudoir photography. The women that seek me out as Christian boudoir photographer are ready to challenge the status quo that sex should be a "taboo." They know that sex and the pleasure built into it is an amazing gift given from God that should be appreciated within marriage and they want to express that. My clients believe that our sex lives are not apart from God, but a part of His divine creation and should be used to glorify Him just like the rest of life.

I love working with Christian women because it means we have hope for a future of happy, sexually-satisfied marriages. Marriages that produce children that are taught that sex is a blessing from God to be enjoyed by both husband and wife and a way to honor God before marriage. Children that grow up knowing their worth is not found in their body, but in their identity in Christ.

If you're connecting with this, let's chat! I'm located in Fort Worth, but I've had women just like you fly in from all over the U.S. to create beautiful boudoir art.


Eden Beaupain

Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer


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