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What is Fort Worth Boudoir Photography, Really?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Eden Beaupain - Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

To be frank, boudoir is a foreign word that you probably have trouble can rest easy knowing it's pronounced like boo-dwar. It's a French word meaning a woman's private sitting room, or her bedroom. The gist is that it's an intimate space, which leads us into what the genre 'boudoir photography' is.

Boudoir photography is photographing a subject in a sensual context with the enjoyment of either the client, their significant other, or often both in mind. In can come in a lot of different forms depending on the artist and the client's wants, from classic and elegant to more intense kinks and fetishes. In simple terms, it's taking sexy photos. Once we look past that surface level, we can see that boudoir is much more than that simple definition. It's a way to claim or embrace confidence, femininity, and feeling desirable.

It's stepping out into bravery as you're naked in front of someone who isn't your significant other. That's pretty much the most intense exercise in vulnerability that someone can safely take and it shouldn't be discounted! It's not confidence that gets you to that point, it's bravery.

Furthermore, it's an announcement to the world and yourself that you're done sitting around and waiting to feel better (even though your self talk could use a little improvement). You've decided to love yourself where you're at and this shoot is a proclamation of that love. You're taking back the metaphorical reins of your life and declaring that you are in control of your feelings about who you are.

Embracing that confidence bleeds into every aspect of your life, from your job, to your relationship, and even how you hold your head high as you walk down the street. But you have to embrace it first, and boudoir can be that conduit if you let it.

Join us at my Fort Worth Boudoir Photography studio and let's embrace your sexuality while honoring you as a multifaceted woman.


Eden Lee Beaupain

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