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Privacy is a Right - Christian Boudoir Photographer Fort Worth

Boudoir Photographer Fort Worth

You're probably wondering: are my boudoir photos going to be shared to publicly?

It seems like the idea of having photos from your boudoir session shared publicly should be a non-issue if you express not wanting them posted (because what kind of monster would post images you don't want posted).

But what if you don't ever get asked?

What if the thought to revoke (assumed) consent doesn't cross your mind before you're scrolling on your timeline and see that your intimate photographer's profile is boasting pictures of your butt cheeks?!

I know there are lots of great reasons you have to keep your images private, some of which include:

  1. Job complications

  2. Safety issues

  3. Respecting your spouse's wishes

  4. Religious affiliations or convictions

  5. You like your privacy

Sometimes it's hard to fight the urge to post the really gorgeous art you made with a client, but putting myself in your shoes...I know how important it is to feel safe and how gut-wrenching it would feel to have pictures I or my husband didn't want out there...out there in the permanence of the Internet.

I really believe it's my responsibility as a boudoir photographer to be the first to bring up the question of privacy. You deserve a photographer that truly cares about your comfort before, during, and after a session. I believe it's your right to choose whether any of your images are posted at all, modest images included! So much so that it's a part of my legally-binding contract, where you're able to select your comfort level of what gets shared, or doesn't.

Even further, as a Christian boudoir photographer in Fort Worth I have strict personal policies in place to only share publicly my more modest work. I save my spiciest work for my clients only, and then the medium spicy is occasionally posted on my women-only Facebook group or Instagram account. Regardless of where they'd be shared, I don't do any at all unless you give me the go ahead!

Ultimately, my main priority is your safety and comfort throughout the entirety of the boudoir experience and giving you the right to choose what is or isn't shared is an integral part of that.

If you're connecting with this, let's chat!


Eden Beaupain

Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer


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