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I create because I was created - Fort Worth Christian Boudoir Photographer

Fort Worth Christian Boudoir Photographer

The closer you get to the Creator the more creative you will become.

At least, this has been inarguable in my own life. The further I delve into my relationship with the Lord, it seems like my creativity just begins to flow out of me…even outside of photography.

Have you seen this to be true in your own life?

Some of those ideas coming to life by divine, unintentional inspiration and others by choice. When it’s a logical process, it seems like a lot of the trail begins as me thinking of ways to serve God and then it grows from there.

"Every single line and curve

Created so perfectly in His image

The reflection of divinity

In the palm of our hands

On the tips of our fingers

A maze with no end

Spots like constellations

The stars dotted on our skin

No man can in his heart deny

His goodness shown through beauty

Not one stone was left to chance

Unending depth through which we see

Colored irises no two alike

Countless variations in our history

But these patterns who could write?

Only Him who hung the stars

The Potter with his clay

An Artist and Creator

The Maker of night and day

He who formed my innermost parts

Has knitted and knotted yours too

The One who sent His only Son

To die for me and you"

The poem on above being one that was inspired through the question “how can I caption an image and honor God through it?” From there, I just thought about how intricately we’ve been designed by an intentional Creator and that there are patterns seen in us and in nature simultaneously.

And truthfully, in correlation with my relationship with Christ, my creativity has ebbed and flowed since 2019, the year that this pattern started for me. Probably because that year was the first time, albeit short-lived, that I really took my faith and following God’s will seriously.

This resulted in a small period of me pursuing more creative endeavors like writing and unpaid photography work, which was a really big deal for me. Mainly because as a student, I felt my creativity sucked out of me and replaced with the need to please and perform academically. It started in middle school and devolved from there to the point that I chose to do things based on whether or not I would succeed in them.

I couldn’t “waste” the intelligence that God gave me on something like art. I didn’t want to be a “poor, starving artist.” I “needed” to make my parents proud and “had” to live up to my sister’s academic success (these standards actually placed on me by myself alone).

The entire time I was in college, I never even considered pursuing photography after college. I wasn’t even sure if it was really my I got a degree in public relations because I knew would be safe to reach academic excellence in it and probably get a corporate job after graduation.

Because obviously that aligned with my passion, right?

Since 2019, I’m happy to say that I know it’s not just photography that is my passion, but helping women to feel beautiful. God has placed sufficient grace on me in the way of art and allowing women to feel comfort around me to pursue this passion through feminine photography.

My calling, however, is to serve the Lord in all that I do and bring others to know Him.

The hope in being so bold in my messages and rebranding in the way I have is that other Christian women see my work + values that I hold, share their stories, and then we create art together that impacts other women; ones that may connect with it in a way that either strengthens their faith or inspires it for the first time.

Christian women

Jesus loves you


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Biblical womanhood

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Fort Worth Christian Boudoir Photographer

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