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I am a Christian Boudoir Photographer - Fort Worth, Texas

Christian Boudoir Photographer

Hey there! I'm Eden, and the most important titles I hold are mama, wife, and Christian. Don't get me wrong, I love my job dearly and in fact treat it more like a part of my life's mission than just a job, but those titles fuel this career.

I've been a "photographer" since roughly 2015 (basically, I called myself a professional from the moment I picked up my mom's camera hehe). For six years, through college and into adulthood, I really just took photos of whatever genres I could with no real expertise at all.

I constantly questioned whether photography was my passion.

And it wasn't until January 2021 I niched down to boudoir and realized -it's not.

Helping women feel beautiful is my passion.

My photography, the boudoir experience, and talking to women about Holy Sexuality are just the way that my passion comes to life.

Not only that, but having a daughter has only enhanced my feelings around how important it is to feel beautiful and comfortable in the body God gave you. I love being able to help women to fully embrace their beauty and sexuality and still do so in a God-honoring way.

I didn't always practice my business this way, though.

For majority of my teen to young adult years, I struggled with my shallow faith and how it affected my own relationship with my sexuality. I rode waves of sexual shame and then self-righteousness, basically based on my relationship status during that period. I clung to the belief that Jesus had already forgiven my sins, so it wasn't a big deal if I slept with my boyfriend...after all, we planned to get married (spoiler alert, we didn't).

It was such a dark time in my life, I was so broken and I couldn't even see it. I sang on the worship team at my church at the time, all the while sinning behind closed doors with a vague notion that I shouldn't be doing this.

Then in 2020, I married my husband and all of my sexual sin issues were solved! Not. Though, I will say it did solve them in the way I thought was my issue, scratch the itch if you will. Really though, my issue wasn't sexual sin, it was my weak faith.

I believed in God but I did not trust Him. And I never truly and wholly submitted my life to God and His will for my life...

...until October of 2023.

I finally gave my life to Christ, no matter what that might look like. And, of course, as is the way of restoration, something amiss was brought to my attention: my business. A hard pill to swallow, I had for the last few years been practicing my art and living out of alignment with God. Now it was time to really be a Christian Boudoir Photographer.

In the beginning, I had under the guise of honoring God and marriages kept my more intimate work private on my socials. Truly, it was fear that ruled my decision to do so for about a year. Then fear opened my eyes to another possibility: "if you keep your work private, no one will know your business exists and you will fail." So I went public with the excuse that it was not my responsibility to police other's morals and that if a man came upon my work it would be because he is seeking out that sort of thing and is thus not my problem but his own.

But it was my problem.

I wish I could take back those years I exploited myself, my art and my client's intimate images for money, but I can't, so I did the next best thing. I scoured my public social media and I took it all down. It was harder than I anticipated, the hardest being the Tiktok boudoir selfie tutorials that had gained me a lot of traction on the platform. His will not my own.

Today, in an effort to honor God in the best way I feel I can I'm committed to only sharing images which I gauge to be honoring to my clients and their marriages. You can maybe call it something like Closed Door Boudoir.

I want you to fall in love with my values and my "why" before you fall in love with my art, because truly my art is shallow without the meaning behind it. From a photo, it's just a woman looking beautiful, but when you know how this woman has struggled with seeing herself as sexy because she was raised to hate her sexuality and brought it into her marriage...and how healing this experience was for her, that's when boudoir becomes magic.

That's when my silly job actually matters. When you find healing and restoration from it.

If you're ready to experience God-honoring boudoir yourself, schedule your free discovery call below.

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