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Got Boobs? My favorite places to shop for lingerie as a Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer.

Updated: Dec 2, 2023


Eden Beaupain - Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

Listen, it's not always easy to navigate the world these days. We are living in a digital age and we are constantly bombarded with new companies, information, and conflicting opinions. How can we know who to trust? Who is writing the article you just read about the Top Ten Lingerie Brands of 2022 and how can we be sure they have the credentials to be considered reliable source?

Well, I don't really have answers to those questions but I know who I am. I'm a mom and a Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer and I have ( I'm updating this blog post, post-breastfeeding) giant, semi-saggy boobs and a few extra pounds of pizza on my waist! I'm just a normal woman who loves lingerie and spends far too much time searching for it online...thankfully, it's part of my job description. If that's enough accreditation for you, keep reading!

  1. Rara Avis - This is the type of lingerie I obsess over. Words cannot do this justice...please just click on the title and go looook.

  2. The Bradshaw Collection - First off, love the Sex & the City reference. This is the place to shop all things bodysuit. Everything this mom + daughter duo touch is magic.

  3. Thistle & Spire - For my wild types, this is the one that will embody that through lingerie. Embroidery is kind of their big thing and I'm here for it.

  4. Adore Me - I would really recommend this brand for every day lingerie but they totally have boudoir shoot-worthy pieces! #affordable #boudoir #everyday

  5. Wolf & Whistle - So much variety from this brand. Plus, they have lingerie catered specifically to my big-boobed sisters.

  6. Playful Promises - Take a quick glance at their lingerie and you'll get why I'm obsessed. This website provides the most beautiful and unique lingerie. They also carry brands specifically created with large-chests in mind. 10/10 would recommend ordering from here if you're looking for the drama factor. #affordable #boudoir

  7. Lounge Underwear - Modern, trendy, and cute as heck. I love this brand because they offer simple sets and more intricate lingerie sets. Big big bonus points: they have nursing-friendly undergarments.

  8. Agent Provocateur - If you're looking to splurge on some gorgeous lingerie, this is one of the best places to do it. Classy, elegant, beautiful, all of these words fit perfectly when describing this brand. However, points off for lack of size diversity. #splurge #boudoir

  9. Honey Birdette - This brand is certifiably HOT. Their social media is always buzzing with the latest luxury lingerie drop and they do it well. Bonus points for rose gold bondage kits. This is the place to buy super extra lingerie for your boudoir shoot. #splurge #boudoir

  10. Aerie - This list just wouldn't be complete without this classic. I love Aerie's loungewear and everything I've ever bought from here has been so comfortable. This is where you order if you're looking for something super comfy for every day wear. #affordable #everyday

Have you tried any of these brands? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments!


Eden Lee Beaupain

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