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Fort Worth Boudoir Photography is Wall Art-Worthy

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Eden Beaupain - Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

As a artist of boudoir photography living in Fort Worth, Texas, I get this question all the time: "do people really hang their boudoir photos up?" To make a long story short, yes, they do! It's not really as simple as that, though.

There are a lot of nuances that go into the decision-making for what products you decide to choose for your boudoir photography experience. The most common reason I hear as to why women don't want to hang up boudoir art is family. Whether it's your mother-in-law or your teenage son, most people feel some level of discomfort with displaying their intimate images.

However, I truly believe that boudoir is a form of art and it shouldn't just stay tucked away in your husband's sock drawer. It's okay to celebrate your body openly and it doesn't have to be inherently sexual. It doesn't even have to have your body in it! You deserve to see the images that made you feel so confident every day, even if it's mainly a photo of your face.

But what if someone that's over sees my photo? Think of it this way, are people offended by the sculptures of full frontal men and women in art museums? No, it is viewed as what it was intended to be viewed as: art.

If that's still not enough to ease your mind, realistically, how many people come over so out of the blue that you wouldn't even have time to remove a frame off of your wall? You may be a special case, but this rarely happens to me.

What do you think? Would you also hang up your boudoir photos in your house or just get them in an album?


Eden Lee Beaupain

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