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Five Things You Need to do Before Buying Lingerie - Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

So you've finally booked your session (or you're just preparing yourself) and now you're in the "oh crap, I need to actually find some lingerie" stage. I get it, it really is daunting out there! There are a million choices when you Google "lingerie" and you have no idea what to narrow down to.

Boudoir photographer Fort Worth
Model: Jazmyn Braughton

I've got some big wisdom coming for you right out of the gate: there's no such thing as a perfect piece of lingerie for your boudoir session.

However, there are lots of things you can do to make sure you pick outfits that are going to accentuate your beauty and help you feel amazing too! If you've ever worn lingerie, you'll know that last part is the hardest of the two.

As a Fort Worth boudoir photographer, here are the five things I recommend to ensure your lingerie choices are solid:

  1. Get a professional bra fitting - trust me, just leave this part to the professionals that can also suggest bra styles based on your breast shape (Wildflower Intimates is a Fort Worth local lingerie shop that does in-house fittings).

  2. Measure yourself - skip the guessing! Once you have these, you can confidently check measurement guides on pieces you'd like to purchase and choose the best size to fit your body (follow this tutorial to show you how to DIY).

  3. More is more - don't be scared to get lots of pieces in different styles to try on, sometimes our unique body shapes just don't look great in certain styles and that's okay!

  4. Try before you cry - please please please try your lingerie on before you step in the studio. Nothing is worse than showing up to your session only to discover you hate everything on!

  5. Stay true to your heart - you're probably already stepping out of your comfort zone to do a boudoir session, don't feel pressured to buy anything that feels like it's not really you.

Whatever you choose to wear during your boudoir session, make sure that you feel super confident in it! I know it's sometimes easier said than done to feel good, but I promise you, you're overly-critical of yourself and you probably do look fantastic already...and your husband is going to think you look like an absolute smoke-show!

If you do ever need guidance, don't be scared to ask your boudoir photographer for help. We will never lead you astray when it comes to figuring out what you look most fabulous in.

If you're connecting with this, let's chat!


Eden Beaupain

Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer


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