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Do I really need to have my hair and makeup done for my Fort Worth Boudoir Photography Session?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Eden Beaupain - Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer


So, you're wondering if it's worth it to have your hair and makeup professionally done for your boudoir session. I just have one question for you, did you see the photo that's above this this text?! That wasn't done by an amateur. That was done by a woman that has spent loads of time, money, and dedication to perfect her craft, aka my hair/makeup artist (HMUA) in Fort Worth for my client's boudoir photography session!

If you've read my blog on boudoir as a form of self care , you know that being intentional is a huge part of feeling good. Hair and makeup is part of the ritual that is the boudoir experience! I don't mean ritual in a woo woo kind of way...but in the way that when you wake up, you immediately put on your robe and then start making your coffee. That's your morning ritual. It sets the tone for your entire day, just like your hair and makeup appointment sets the tone for your shoot.

The confidence that is a woman after she's been professionally glammed is something to be memorialized, and it is during your shoot. Where exactly does this confidence come from? You always had it inside of you, you just needed the push to embrace it and know how gorgeous you actually look! It's also an amazing feeling to not wonder if you look like a clown because you couldn't follow that contouring tutorial on YouTube properly.

Have you ever had your hair or makeup professionally done? Let me know in the



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