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Creepy Boudoir Photographers and How to Avoid Them - Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

This is one of the more sensitive topics I plan to discuss throughout my blogs, but it's really necessary. In fact, as recent as May 2024 The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported on a sexual assault against a Texas woman that happened during her boudoir shoot. As horrific as it is, this is the reality: having a boudoir photo-shoot is extremely vulnerable and it can be dangerous.

For many women, they meet their photographer for the first time on the day of their boudoir session, sometimes without even having had a phone call. From there you're expected to take your daily clothes off and put on lingerie that barely covers your bits. I'm thankful to be able to put my clients at ease because it truly is such a vulnerable experience!

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It is a heartbreaking form of irony that comes from a woman being sexually assaulted during a photoshoot that was booked to help her have fun and feel beautiful.

We aren't naive to this in our day and age, but when nerves are already involved we sometimes need a reminder; there are creeps out there and some of them use their "art" as a cover to prey on women. I don't want to just scare you though, because there is good news! There are ways you can be proactive to protect yourself from predatory boudoir photographers:

  1. Reviews reviews reviews - never hire a boudoir photographer with no reviews...and don't just take their website testimonials as truth. Unfortunately, those could be manufactured. Generally, a serious photographer will have a Google Business listing with legitimate reviews from clients: this is mine. You can also go on their social profiles and see what they've been tagged in and reach out to past clients to ask about their experience! For me, this one is a little trickier, as most of my clients don't post their images publicly, so I would recommend creeping on posts shared from my past clients in my private Facebook group.

  2. Get some Facetime - it never hurts to ask your photographer to have a one-on-one chat with you before you book! I typically video chat with each of my clients before booking them, just to make sure we're a good fit for each other. I would also say that looking through their video content on socials is also a valid way to make sure they aren't weird. Personally, my Tiktok does a great job of showcasing my personality and values to my potential clients.

  3. Bring a friend - this recommendation is nuanced, because I wouldn't suggest you just bring any friend to your session. For safety, someone is better than no one, but for the vibes...certain friends, well, suck. Pick a friend that you know really loves you, supports your decision to capture yourself this way, and isn't going to put a dark cloud over your boudoir experience. If you ask your boudoir photographer to bring a friend to your session and they say 'no, ' run the other way.

  4. Trust your instincts - it's normal to feel nervous about your boudoir shoot because it's outside of your comfort's not normal to feel uneasy about your photographer. Trust your gut and cancel, you know what's best for you.

At the core of boudoir is feeling good, and safety is such an integral part of that! I hope that this list helps you to make the most informed decision when choosing your boudoir photographer. Always remember to trust your gut and don't be afraid to cancel if you start to feel weirded out by your photographer. Money can be remade, but damage cannot be undone.

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Eden Beaupain

Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer


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