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We can't wait to host you at our studio! To ensure your booking goes as smoothly as possible,

we've created a handy guide for your rental experience.


Address: 8129 White Settlement Rd, White Settlement, TX 76108

Lockbox Code: 1930


Our studio is super simple to access. Parking spots are located directly in front of the studio. We are the unit with sheer white curtains on the window, and a frosted glass door with 8129 above it and a lockbox on it! Easy peasy.

Checking In

Once you've gotten into the lockbox and unlocked the door, I find it's better to lock the key back up in the box during your rental time. Be sure to lock the door when you get in the studio (just because it's good practice) and shoot me a text to let me know you've made it in!

P.S.- the light switch is located on the back wall, not at the front (don't ask I know it's weird, but I'm not the electrician).

Rules Inside

Please use your best judgment of what being a considerate person/renter looks like. I don't mind if you move the benches or other small furniture around using the moving pads we provide, but pretty please don't touch the bed. This goes without saying, but no smoking, fire, glitter, and no food or drinks on the furniture (you can have food and drinks in the back area)...just the typical studio rules.

If these rules are broken, you will be invoiced $50 for each rule that was broken. If the invoice for violating the rules is not paid, you will be banned from future studio rentals at the studio.

Checking Out

Before you leave, make sure you've moved any furniture or accessories to their proper places and disposed of any trash! Once you've locked the door and put the key back (make sure to change the code on the box), shoot me a text to let me know.

Please ensure all lights are turned off before leaving. We charge a $25 fee for any lights left on.

After the Rental

Follow us on Instagram and tag us in any photos you share from your time in the studio! <3

If you need me, call me

If you have questions about anything before, during, or after please shoot me a text or give me (Eden) a call at 817-944-2541.



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